Stacked with Love

I am participating in a Valentine's Card Swap, and thought I'd share the card I made. I really wanted to emboss the hearts or the red strip, but I could not find my multipurpose platform anywhere. It is probably hiding somewhere in my disaster strewn craft room! 

I used the dryer sheet method to cut out the love.  I took one dryer sheet and folded into 3 layers. Then set up my sandwich as follows: magnetic platform, cutting pad, dryer sheet, paper, "love" Thinlit, cutting pad. Then run it through. The "love" stuck to the dryer sheet, while everything else peeled away easily. Then I just peeled off the love. I didn't have to fiddle with wax paper, poking the holes out, etc. I don't know who developed this method, but it is amazing.

These are the supplies I used to make this:

Full Heart Punch

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